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We have used Walk This Way CA for all three of our dogs over a 10+ year period. Niki and her team are nothing short of amazing. They are so gentle and kind to our dogs. Their service is very personalized and reliable. 

As someone who works full time and depends on Niki and her team, I am forever grateful for all they do to keep our boys active and having fun during the work week. You are in the very best hands with them!


Nancy C.

We are on our second dog that Walk This Way CA has helped to raise! Our Aussie mix started running with the WTW pack at about 16 months old and then  Niki and the whole gang helped us mourn when she went over the rainbow bridge last year at almost 16 years old. Her longevity was certainly helped by the long walks and love she got from the WTW team. A few years ago we got a Border Collie Aussie rescue (a dog that needs a job) and she took to WTW right a way. We trust all the crew to love our pup and keep her exercised (they will even stay at our house when we travel) and in the 17 years we’ve been associated with WTW we have never had a complaint! I adore my pups but couldn’t do without Walk this Way CA.


Darcey R.


Niki and her team of dog walkers cares for our dog, Molly like she is their own. Molly has been walked a couple days a week for 10 years and is now an older dog who can’t walk too far these days. Pam still comes to walk her and Molly perks up like a puppy when she sees her! Molly also has spent time at Pam's house when we have travelled. I never worry about Molly when she is in Pam's care. Molly LOVES Pam and so do we. She emails photos, checks her for ticks, makes sure she is clean before putting her back into our house. When Molly was a puppy i took her on a hike and didn't check her for ticks and found one on her the next day. Being a "new mom" I was worried but showed Pam who said it looked normal. She also took photos of the tick bite and emailed it to Niki who told me she thought there was nothing to worry about and that I should just look for a ring around the bite and watch her energy level. FULL SERVICE.  I highly recommend these ladies. Your pooch will be forever grateful.

Honey N.

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